Mekong Sauce

Nước Tương Hảo Hạng 500 ML

  • Capacity:
    500 ML
  • Packing:
    24 Bottles/Carton (6 Bottles * 4 Lots/Carton)
  • Storage instructions:
    Preserved in dry, cool place.
  • Expiry date:
    12 months from the production date printed on the packaging
  • Ingredient:
    Water, sodium chloride, dehydrated soybeans and peanuts (35 g/l), flavor enhancers (disodium inosinate 632, disodium guanylate 627, and calcium inosinate 631), food coloring (150a), sweetenings (acesulfame potassium 950, aspartame 951), acidity regulator (citric acid 330), stabilizer (xanthan gum 415), soy sauce flavoring, preservative (sodium benzoate 211)
  • User manual:

    Used for daily family dishes.

    Close the lid tightly after use.

    Check the expiration date carefully before using.